Satyajit Shyamalan (シャマランサタジット, Shamaran Satajitto) is the boyish-looking CEO of Playmaker Industries, which builds marionettes. His company is a close partner of Chairman Nakasugi's, but he sometimes overrides Nakasugi's decisions regarding their products. He is the main villain of the first season. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English.

In the AnimeEdit

Personality Edit

Shyamalan presents as a friendly, charming young man in public, though according to Kaori Sonada he is known to have a bad temper in private, and both she and Muroto are put off by him. In reality, he is an arrogant, cruel, calculating man who plans to use the Ryunka to wipe out all of humanity but himself and those he considers worthy, or "chosen," which he considers to be the next step on humanity's evolutionary path. Shyamalan is obsessed with his supposed "chosen" status, believing that it will grant him alone the ability to wield the Ryunka. He does not appear to even consider the idea that the weapon may be too dangerous for him to handle. He does appear to display a somewhat more benevolent side to those he considers to be "chosen" along with himself, as demonstrated by his willingness to take in a baby that had survived a Ryunka explosion which killed its family, and he expresses pity for Sayaka Nakasugi when he talks to her grandfather.

Background Edit

Little is known about Shyamalan's past. He was living in the Middle East during the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and was the only one out of 4,000 people to survive a terrorist attack in his homeland, which is why he considers himself to have been "chosen." He was also found by Hayamiya and Muroto to have been a child prodigy, although it is unclear how accurate their information is. As a child he apparently liked to play with soccer balls.

Plot Edit

Shyamalan is first shown as a client of Geega looking to obtain the Ryunka.


  • The gun that Shyamalan wields is a 2nd Generation Glock 17
  • Shyamalan bears some resemblance to Hikawa, a villain from the original Birdy the Mighty OVA. Like Hikawa, Shyamalan is a human who is working with aliens on a project that could devastate the entire world.
  • Shyamalan is the only major villain in Decode who is human