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In the Middle of a Dream (1/2)

(box): fall races are getting more exciting (intense)
This fall 
(announcer): this is "kuwana striker" whose strength is on another level
this is "kuwana striker" whose power sets a new level !
(announcer): he have won "all comer*", a first trial to return to Tennō Shō**
he's won the ALL COMERS*, the first trial in returning to Tenno Sho**
note *: possibly SANKEI SHO ALL COMERS G2, NIIGATA, 2200m,3yo&up 
        (males, females, geldings - from now on, when gender info is not mentioned, 
        this is the default)
*possibly ‘SANKEI SHO’,  ALL COMERS(G2), Winner US$750,000, Turf 2200m, 1.36 mi / 11 furlong / 24 football fields
note **:  a G1 race held twice a year in Japan, in the spring and in the autumn
          The autumn one is held in Fuchuu over the distance of 2000m, 3yo&up

(bla3x) stating the obvious: he is at least 4-years old
(box): veteran horses that were rested through out the summer made come back, 
       step into various high stake races held every week
(announcer): from the outside "hill climb" inside "sunburn"!
(announcer): "hill climb"!
(announcer): this 3 years-old* won at the last moment! 
             it's a strong revival in Kobe Shimbun Hai**!!
(bla3x) the raw mentions: たんば杯三歳Sの覇者! - the S should mean something because 
        it has furigana on the side; unfortunately I can't read them
note *: mentioning 3 years-old is definitely redundant since 
        the race is only eligible for 3yo colts & fillies
note **: G2, HANSHIN, 2400m, 3yo, No Geldings	-- a trial for kikuka sho

(announcer): hill climb, with his strong last spurt (powered up revival), 
             is aiming for kikuka sho*!
note *: need i remind you that strike eagle is also aiming for kiku?
(box): on fall g1 front, some horses are moving ahead
(announcer): it was regrettable for "sunburn"!
(announcer): sapphire stakes* is "my only one" first large prize challenge
note *: it was mentioned in step 39 -- this race is no longer in schedule
	(bla3x) based on it started at least as early as 
	(bla3x) 1966 (non-graded)
	(bla3x) 1985 (G3) 1600m
	(bla3x) 1995 (G3) 2000m
	(bla3x) vol 4 was released in 1995
(announcer): this is a horse that is also expected to enter QUEEN ELIZABETH II CUP!
note *: a G1 race held in Kyoto, 2200m, 3 years-old and up, F&M 
        -- not Female and Mare, but Fillies (<5yo) and mares (>=5yo)
(announcer): advance advance!
(announcer): yes, derby horse prospect senco lariat is on fire!

(announcer): during saint light memorial he claimed a complete victory!
(announcer): truly a derby horse prospect!
(announcer): the strong oaks* horse!
* refers back to shunpei's dream in step 33
(announcer): "lesbian rose*" as the favourite 
              with her jockey yuge takumi conquers queen stakes**
note *: ビアンローゼ - Bian rōze
note **: G3, SAPPORO, 1800m, 3yo&up F&M
(announcer): his/her natural speed is on another level!
(announcer): jet black foreign-bred "kerma dick"! 
             he has been crowned at MAINICHI OKAN*!!
note *: G2, TOKYO, 1800m, 3yo&up 
(announcer): strong strong strong!
(announcer): "grand chariot" is running alone in KYOTO DAISHOTEN*!
note *: G2, KYOTO, 2400m, 3yo&up

(box): this season bring suspense to horse-racing fans*
note *: you may want to refer back to step 39 page 128, 2nd panel 
        -- ume said something along this line to shunpei.
note **: if you refine this line, consider to do the same to step 39.
(xx): onwards! ( go! )
(yy): keep going!
(box): actually the suspense felt all year round
(ume): laugh
(manager): actually, once we sell a horse, 
           we feel content as long as the horse is healthy
(manager): of course if the horse can attain success 
           we would be glad because it will increase our farm's name
(manager): once the daily care is out of our hand, there is no use to fret, 
           we can only cheer from afar
(manager): and think about the next foals
(shunpei): but this year we have an expecation in strike eagle
(shunpei): KYOTO SHIMBUN HAI* right?
note *: G2, KYOTO, 2200m, 3yo
(shunpei): against aldebaran?

(manager): aldebaran is strong, shunpei-kun
(manager): eagle just came out from a long rest, 
           to safely finish a race is good enough
(shunpei): such... why give up before it even started yet?
(manager): besides,
(manager): his run at last week's practice was not good
(news): this is strike eagle's practice
(news): fresh out of a long rest, who can say how he fares
(news): this is the first appearance of a horse that has raked up 5 million yen *
note *: approximately 50K US$.
(news): naturally a horse that wouldn't run during training
(news): this time he doesn't look good

(news): at the slope he trailed behind aldebaran's record a week ago
(news): no problem so far / nothing to complain about 'till now
(news): no disturbance in his footwork, a week before the race, plenty enough time 
        -- footwork and time in katakana
(hibiki): thissss
(ken): hmmm
(hibiki): wha, what do you think causes the difference?
(ken): i think it's his own personality
(toita): there is also a difference in steadiness

(hibiki): not because he was too relaxed over here*?
note *: due to broken leg, rested at watarai's from step 16 (vol 2) 
        until step 22 (vol 3)
(ken): i don't think so
(ken): eagle's diet is good for his body
(toita): (right/i agree) once the feed is finished, he would be made to run
(toita): i think it falls back to his trait
(ken): it's ok it's ok!
(ken): eagle is famous for his unwillingness to run during training!
(ken): on the whole he will be in perfect shape for kikuka sho, 
       nothing to worry about
(sound effect): hahahaha
(ken): even if he fails to win kyoto shimbun hai, 
       the prize money will be plenty enough
(ken): consider this performance (in training) earlier as warming up 
       and be at ease
(hibiki): hmmm

(hibiki): even if he said that,
(hibiki): that will be his first race after his break, can't help worrying
(chis): what's the matter, hibiki-san?
(hibiki): a, chris
(hibiki): did you see eagle's run?
(chis): i did (lit: watched)
(chis): he fooled around
(chis): his ears kept on rotating in and out
(hibiki): what, was it?
(hibiki): i concentrated on his legs so i didn't notice
(chris): exactly like his behaviour during his break here

(hibiki): i see...
(hibiki): he didn't run seriously
(shunpei): come on ume-san!
(shunpei): get real! <-- this is free translation, 
           it said please ( もじめにやって don't understand)
(hibiki): what's with ume-chan?
(shunpei): he got burnt in mainichi okan and KYOTO DAISHOTEN, totally useless
(ume - out of bubble): ouch ouch
(ume): this is bad! if i can't turn this around over the weekend, 
       i won't be able to survive until salary time!!
(hibiki): you have reached that state this early of the month!?

(shunpei): why don't you stop betting for a while?
(ume): i'd die from boredom if stop betting in a place 
       with little entertainment (amusement)
(shunpei): yet you stay in this boring place
(ume): next week is KYOTO SHIMBUN HAI
(ume): hibiki-han, do you think eagle's name will be printed?
(hibiki): i don't know
(ume): not good! ( this is bad! - same thing he said in previous page)
(ume - out of bubble): so so so
(ume): you must raise horses such that people will comfortably bet on them
(ken): <fill in whatever>
(ume): waa! what are you doing ken-san?
(sound effect): hahaha
(ken): a human garbage shouldn't talk like that! 
       <-- the same human garbage said by the old man in page 132
(ken - out of bubble): i'll snap you
(ume - out of bubble): i give i give!
(hibiki) if we can raise animals by simply thinking about it
         , there will be no hardship

(shunpei): eagle will win, hibiki-san
(hibiki) i wonder
(hibiki) aldebaran is strong
(shunpei): hibiki-san said the same thing as manager
(shunpei): eagle will definitely win
(shunpei): he displayed his determination in spring time
(hibiki) : spring stakes?
(hibiki) : his opponents were weaker but this time will be different
(shunpei): e!
(shunpei): is, is that so?
(manager): besides, we still don't know who will be his jockey

(shunpei): what about his jockey at spring stakes?
(manager): that jockey will ride in tokyo for FUCHU HIMBA STAKES* on the same day 
note *: G2, TOKYO, 1800m 3yo&up (F&M)
(manager): he can't ride eagle in kyoto
(manager): i lost again?
(abumi): father, there's a call from nonomura sensei
(shunpei): then, i'll return to the dorm
(manager): tomorrow i'll take my revenge
(shunpei): everyone is pessimist about eagle
(hibiki) : can't be helped
(hibiki) : the condition is harsh
(shunpei): but, he was born here
(shunpei): try to keep a bit of expectation...
(hibiki) : noted, i'll tell father

(hibiki) : the horse doesn't understand about any expectation -- stating the obvious
(manager): hibiki, big news!
(manager): the call from nonomura sensei earlier...
(hibiki) : don't tell me eagle had another accident!
(manager): nothing like that!
(manager): yuge will ride for KYOTO SHIMBUN HAI!
(hibiki) : e...
(hibiki) : eee!!
(xx): yuge?
(xx): yuge will ride...
(xx): eagle?
(all): yuge?
(shunpei): vapor*? what about vapor?
note *: vapor = 湯気 = yuge - this is a joke that definitely lost in translation

(ume): what's with you? yuge is famous
(ume): yuge takumi is said to be the number one jockey in japan!
(ume): yuge the genius!
(shunpei): haaa
(ume): he is all japan number 1 for 2 years running! 
       ( 2 years consecutively leading number 1 east and west )
(ume): youngest, fastest jockey to get 1000 victories!
(plank): jockey
(ume): this year he won YASUDA KINEN* and oaks, 
       it's anyone's guess when the winning streak end
note *: G1, TOKYO, 1600m, 3yo&up	
(plank): 1000th victory
(ume): he will ride eagle for KYOTO SHIMBUN HAI! 
(shunpei): the... then...
(shunpei): victory is assured!
(xx): is that so? we can think like that
(shunpei): because this is yuge
(xx): looks like nonomura sensi fought well! 
      (i think this refers to his accomplishment to get yuge to ride eagle)
(yy): yes, a fight!
(zz): this is one round fight!
(ume): fight fight!
(ume): this is a fight hibiki-han!!
(hibiki): if this is the fight, what about kikuka sho?
(box): thursday that week
(sound effect): horse's run

(box): shinga prefecture - ritto training center
(news): strike eagle was transported from miho to ritto last week. 
        this is where he trains for the race
(news): there is no difference from last week
(ume): what does he know
(ume): a jockey can feel the difference in reaction
(news): now for yuge's comment
(news): what is your impression about strike eagle?
(yuge): well, i heard this horse wouldn't go all out during training...
(yuge): it really didn't work <-- really in katakana
(yuge): may... may fail this time...