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page 133
step 39 northern sky on fire

page 134
deep in fall (in the middle of fall)
(shunpei): what's wrong with this guy...
(shunpei): what happens to ume-san?
(xx): he also lost the sapphire stakes bet yesterday
(shunpei): looks like he lost today
(shunpei): i wonder if he is dead

page 135
(ume): i'm alive!!
(shunpei): what is your method to buy betting tickets?
(shunpei): salary comes at the end of the month, isn't this condition burns a hole in your pocket? (lit: wallet content)
(ume): don't talk about other people's business
(ume): i keep on playing because i want to increase the capital for your welcome party!
(shunpei): it's fine
(shunpei): i've been here for 3 weeks already anyway
(shunpei): it's unreasonable to host a drinking session paid for by single guy's wallet
(ume): oh, right!

(ume): with that said, contributions from all employees will be greatly appreciated
(xx): well, about that...
(xx): ume-saan
(yy): i might have some at the beginning of the month, but around this time i'm completely broke
(zz): likewise
(mitsu): i can chip in 500 yen...
(ume): what is this. it's only enough to buy a bottle of sake
(shunpei): as i said, unreasonable
(ume): shunpei-kun, will you chip in a bit?
(shunpei): isn't this my welcome party?
(ume): including shunpei-kun's contribution, we have collected 3000 yen
(ume): with this, it's not enough to throw a welcome party
(all): obviously

(ume): today there is a high stake saint light memorial, i think we can increase our fund at least 10 folds
* it's a G2 race for 3 years-old horses (male, female and gelding), venue is nakayama racecourse over the distance of 2200 meters.
(all): waaa
(xx): someone stop ume-san!!
(ume): what kind of liquor you can buy with 3000 yen?
(ume): we need to multiply them!!
(xx): do you want to gamble using other people's money!?
(urano): wait wait! everybody wants to enjoy betting!
(urano): just buy the bet that everyone can assent
(ume): how do we divide?
(xx): all in to [senco lariat] at 3, 5, 9 and 11
(yy): it's better to zoom in (narrow the selection)
(zz): there is a hole with that plan...
(satoru): i'm in!

(satoru): you guys always seem at ease
(satoru): i want to put in a share for saint light memorial
(ume): satoru-han!
(satoru): it has been a while (long time no see)
(satoru): i just came back from ireland and decided to make an appearance here
(satoru): school has started few days ago then the tests
(manager): to ireland... 
(manager): the place where daigo's son went for vacation is different from the rest
(satoru): i intended to play...
(satoru): but once i reached there i was ordered to go to a ranch
(satoru): oh yeah, this is a souvenir
(satoru): i bought this wine from paris on the way back
(manager): i feel bad
(satoru): i also bought varieties for the sisters

(manager): it would be nice if you hand them personally
(manager): oooi abumi
(abumi): oh dear
(abumi): is this for me?
(abumi): somehow i feel using it would be a waste
(satoru): don't say that, please use it 
(satoru): your beauty stands out
(tazuna): he said something irritating nonchalantly <-- nonchalantly in katakana
(satoru): this one for tazuna-chan
(tazuna): ah, thank you
(satoru): chocolate for hizume-chan
(hizume): why am i the only to get food?
(tazuna): hmmm

(satoru): tonight i'll be staying in shizunai (as opposed to going straight to his university)
* shizunai can either be shizunai district or shizunai town (located within) --
* in vol 4 - chp 31 we have a note about misono (watarai farm's location) - well, misono is in shizunai district
* at vol 6 - chp 59 shunpei will be invited to visit satoru's farm
(satoru): i can help if there is homework that tazuna-chan doesn't understand...
(tazuna): no need. i don't understand much when satoru-san explained
(satoru): is my teaching hard to understand? ( below par? that bad? )
(tazuna): i think because satoru-san never have trouble in study
* it's a fact - some smart people are bad teachers because they skip lots of details (that according to them - goes without saying)
(satoru): hizume-chan, wanna play game?
(hizume): no need no need
(hizume): saru, your gaming sucks ( same word with satoru's below par)
(hizume - out of bubble): a, this is nice (delicious)
(satoru): huh?
(satoru): ah, yes, err... where is hibiki-san?
* (don't put in as a note) kind of odd for satoru to call hibiki as -san when he calls tazuna as -chan; both are younger than him.
(manager): about hibiki
(manager): it's lunch break now, but she might be out there training toron
(mother): satoru-san

(satoru): oh, madam (oku-san)
(satoru): it has been a while
(mother): can we talk for a bit?
(satoru): what is it?
(mother): you. your action reveals your intention
(satoru): e...
(satoru): what do you mean?
(mother): you should not sprinkle expensive souvenirs to everyone
(mother): for souvenir, you should consider what the proper one (souvenir) to buy for each person!
(satoru): actually ...
...there's one for madam as well
(mother): ah ...thank you
(mother): i accept with pleasure

(satoru): huh!
(hibiki):'s you...

(hibiki): ...long time no see 
(hibiki): why are you here?
(satoru): no.. nothing specific...
(satoru): why is he here !?
(shunpei): oh,  good to see you ...
(shunpei): ..good day [hello] (konichiwa)
(shunpei): the last time we met was at the equestrian competition*
* vol 3 chapter 21
(pointing note): being nice
[wants to maintain good impression]
(satoru):  good day [hello]
(satoru): be... be be be ...
(satoru): became an employee!?
(satoru): that guy!?
(hibiki): yes
(satoru): since when?
(hibiki): from the beginning of this month

(hibiki): but he has been here since summer holiday
(satoru - no bubble): why!!
(satoru): why did no one tell me!!
(hibiki): why should anyone told you
(hibiki): i thought you would come at least once during summer holiday
(satoru): a!
(satoru): did you expect that?
(hibiki): let's wrap it up (end it -- talking to shunpei)
(hibiki): what?
(satoru): nothing...
(satoru): i was forced to go ireland by my father and elder brother
(satoru): i went to do errands
(hibiki): a, what, so it was not for leisure
(satoru): my father wouldn't pay if it was for pleasure
(satoru): i also have a souvenir for hibiki-kun -- yes, the raw uses kun here (usually reserved for guys)[ i picked up a souvenir for hibiki-kun]
or (i have a souvenir for hibiki-kun as well) -- doesn't seem right, because hibiki doesn't know about the other souvenirs
(satoru): here (lit: yes)

(hibiki): you're...  asking me to wear something like this?
(hibiki): when and where could I ?
(satoru): well...
(satoru): that time when you watched derby?
(hibiki): hmmmm
(hibiki): ears...
(hibiki): hurts...
(satoru - no bubble): it's too tight, hibiki-kun
[[its too soon ---you have to get used to them slowly....of course they'll hurt--implied.

(announcer): now in saint light memorial's paddock,
(announcer): according to (based on) oukawa-san's observation, the horse that looks excellent...
(xx): how's the current state?
(yy): is senco lariat still the favourite?
(zz): what about the odds? -- odds in engrish katakana オッズ
(xx): ume-chan said the top pick is number 3, combined with number 11 for 5.5 folds
(yy): with that calculation....
(xx): oo! we put all 1000 yen from satoru-san to buy that, we'll get 2000 yen profit
(satoru): what?
(satoru): for such an easy race you just want to bet 1000 yen!?
(satoru): bet everything on number 3 and number 11!
(xx): ee! it's too scary (risky) to bet on a single spot!
(satoru): but senco lariat has beaten aldebaran, our farm's horse...
(satoru): number 11 is delayed steal, our horse that came out this summer

(satoru): is there any combination that is more convincing than that?
(whispers): his argument doesn't make sense
(ume): it's ok it's ok! i have spread the bet such that no matter which horse wins the race, we will profit!
(ume): victory is assured
(hibiki): wait wait
(hibiki): why do people from breeding section also come to watch!?
(xx): it's fine hibiki-kun
(yy): everyone wants to share the fun
(hibiki): aren't you university student? is it fine to bet?
(satoru): i just contributed to drinking party fund raising
(xx):  yes yes. we should be able to increase the fund for shunpei-kun's welcoming party
(satoru): return my money!
(yy): ooi, race is starting
(announcer): delayed steal tried to squeeze in from the outside but couldn't make it (can take lead that is)
(announcer): delayed steal takes the 2nd position

(announcer): complete victory for senco lariat in this saint light memorial
(announcer): this is a derby-horse candidate!!
(xx): yes!! (lit: yatta)
(xx): number 3 number 11!!
(satoru): see? it was simple
(xx): ume-san... why do you look so pale?
(xx): we had a strike!
(yy): ume-san...?
(xx): wait ume-san, show us the tickets you've bought!
(yy): ume-san...?
(ume) don't! you'll be sad if you see!!
(xx): whaa!! this guy only bought 600 yen for number 3 and number 11!
(yy): even with that strike we are still minus 200 yen!!
(zz): he bet for horses that have no chance of winning!
(aa - small): what did you do! (what are you doing!)
(box): as the fall deepens, the northern sky is on fire * you may want to refer back to page 134 on how to rephrase "fall deepens"
(box): a guy was slightly caught by the fire