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from beyond the distant sky

(box): fall is the time for farms to wean the yearling ... a noisy and hectic period
(shunpei): aaaaaa...
(shunpei): these cries...
(box): weaning purpose is to separate a foal from his/her dam,
(xx): morning tatsu-san, today is such a nice day
(tatsu): a good day to wean
(box): weaning is usually done in order, 
       starting from the foal that was born earlier

(manager): takeru and others that we weaned last week seem to be getting along
(tatsu): it's because takeru has simple relation with his mother
(manager): today we will wean dankichi
(tatsu): marielle gets lonely easly, move red together as her company
(tatsu): red had a bad luck of not having a foal this year, 
         so it becomes convenient to use (her as a company)
(tatsu): first we take dankichi to the grazing pasture
(tatsu): afterwards casually take marielle and red to the other side of the road
(xx): smart (cleverly)

(xx): listen shunpei-kun, don't look back
(xx): marielle attention is focused on red now, keep on moving
(xx): walk walk!
(shunpei): won't it be easier if we move the foals instead?

(xx): it's better not to move the foals to an unfamiliar environment
(sound effect): clash
(xx): a change of environment may cause them stress,
(text): flailing
(xx): because to get hurt in unfamiliar grazing pasture would be terrible
(sound effect): exhale
(dankichi): eh?
(dankichi): momma is missing!
(takeru): o!? what why!?
(dankichi): where is momma!?
(dankichi): neigh
(marielle): ha!

(sound effect): slam
(marielle): neigh
(red): nibble nibble
(marielle): oh!
(red): i'm sorry
(sound effect): nibble 
(marielle): oh, it was fine
(sound effect): nibble
(dankichi): neigh
(marielle): ha!
(marielle): neigh

(shunpei): aaaaa
(shunpei): heard so many times but still can't bear it! 
           (or: heard often enough but still can't bear it! )
(shunpei): tatsu-san, don't make them wail sorrowfully like that, 
           can't we keep them together a bit longer?
(tatsu): ha ?
(shunpei): begging your pardon, wait until they can separate natrually...
(tatsu): if we prolong the weaning, taming and breaking them 
         will be difficult later on
(tatsu): weaning (a foal) 6 months after birth is breeder's wisdom cultivated 
         after years of experience
(tatsu): we have also tried different ways, 
(tatsu): it is noisy now, but it may be quiet tomorrow
(shunpei): hmmm.....

(foal): neigh
(sound effect): step 3x
(foal): hei this...
(foal): you shut up
(sound effect): flailing 2x
(sound effect): exhale inhale 2x
(foal): neigh
(sound effect): flailing 2x
(sound effect): thud 2x

(dam): neigh
(sound effect): stand
(sound effect): snore?
(foal): neigh
(dam): neigh
(dam): neigh
(ume): marielle gets lonely easily
(marielle): neigh
(ume): she would calm down when she can see us before her eyes,

(ume): but once we move out of her sight...
(ume): see?
(marielle): neigh
(shunpei): for real
(ume): it's worse now that she has been separated from her foal
(ume): if only she has a company...
(ume): a, there is one
(sound effect): bark 2x
(marielle): neigh 2x
(marielle): hah?

(back text): heart warming
(ume): it's fall!
(ume): fall races will begin!!

(ume): it's a match season!!
(shunpei): what are you excited about, ume-san?
(ume): listen shunpei-kun, 
(ume): wasn't it said as the fall race gets fired up, 
       the suspense would be fired up as well? <-- suspense/anxiety in katakana
(shunpei): what do you mean by that?
(ume): first match will be keio hai autumn handicap
* it's G3 race; not to be confused with keio hai spring cup - a G2 race
(ume): i want to go buy the ticket, anyone want to come along?
(shunpei): keio hai autumn handicap...
(shunpei): aa, traumerei is entering?
(shunpei): that's right!
(ume): according to my investigation, nakayama's weather is terribly hot
(shunpei): it's still hot?
(ume): traumerei is a summer girl!
(ume): the hotter it is the better the expectation!
(shunpei): err [favorable in the middle ... <-- he is quoting the paper
(shunpei): maintaining her condition since sekiya kinen] that's what was written
* another G3 race - well, not everybody is superman
(ume): it's the same as saying victory!!

(ume): oh, yeah!
(ume): we haven't thrown shunpei-kun a welcome party!
(shunpei): e! ah, no need, way too late anyway...
(ume): what are you saying!
(ume): after traumerei's win we can combine her victory party 
       with your welcome party!!
(xx): oh, cool cool!
(yy): count me in!  (i'm in i'm in!)
(shunpei): dankichi, do you know?
(shunpei): today your big-sis will enter a race
(shunpei): you need to stop crying
(shunpei): be a strong horse like your big-sis
(foal): what is it? <-- consider just removing this one

(announcer): this is nakayama racecourse
(announcer): summer has passed (us by) and now we are returning to this spot 
             for another race
(announcer): the winner of sekiya kinen, traumerei is down there, 
             isn't it yoshida-san
(announcer): her condition seems good
(announcer): shouldn't we call this race keio hai summer handicap?
* this refers back to ume's intel on page 128 that nakayama is summer hot 
(folks): victory is assured!!  
* actually saying the exact same ting as ume on last panel of page 128
(announcer): gate-in goes smoothly
(announcer): [number shot] is the last to enter, gate-in completed

(announcer): this is the first graded race in fall race series!
(announcer): keio hai autumn handicap ... START!
(announcer): so, the start was not in unison! ( a bit apart)
(announcer): the fore-runner is [hustle wakadonna]!
(shunpei): err, where is traumerei?
(ume): there, the one with red cap!
(xx): she is in 5th-6th position, a good one
(announcer): [ion jupiter] is retraining, her pace has been reduced
(xx): she runs among a crowd
(yy): do you think it's good? - what do you think? (is it good feeling?)
(xx): traumerei is a horse that likes a crowd
(yy): yes yes, she feels a bit lonely when she is alone
(ume): thi.. this pace...
(announcer): the distance between the fore runner 
             and the last horse is only 6-7 horse (body)
(ume): no way no way! spread out!!

(announcer): so.. 14 horses turn the 4th corner as close pack!
(ume): traumerei must feel at ease to be surrounded by companies
(xx): move out! move out from the crowd!!
(announcer): [hustle wakadonna] is still the fore-runner!
             [accelerator] holds 2nd position from the outside,
             [izayoi] is gaining from the inside, 50 meters to go
(xx): dang! (useless) now there's no room to go out!!
(xx): get the 3rd place! i can tolerate you getting the 3rd place!
a little bit more 3x 
(announcer): from the middle [radio days]!!
(announcer): the foreign horse [radio days] slipped trough at the last moment 
             to steal the number 1 position!
(bla3x) by foreign, it means foreign-bred, not foreign owner. 
(bla3x) refer back to vol 4 chapter 31
(bla3x) if foreign-bred is cheap and runs fast, why buy japanese-bred?
(bla3x) because (at that time) foreign-bred is not eligible for high-stake races. 
             2nd position is in dispute!!
(announcer): trully (as expected) a handicap battle!!
(ume): well, shunpei-kun,
(ume): tonight treat me sake ok?
(ume): if shunpei-kun refuses, how about mitsu-chan?
(tatsu): are you a human garbage? -- garbage in katakana< explain this
* tatsu berates ume for begging for free alcohol (from an underage and a lady) 
(shunpei): dankichi, you must be stronger than your big-sis
(dankichi): what is it? <-- consider just removing this one