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night sky

(tazuna): i'm home
(tazuna): big sis (onee-chan), you haven't picked up the laundry yet!
(tazuna): is nobody home?
(tazuna): aaaa!!
(sound effect): bam
(abumi): oh dear? -- e?

(tazuna): why hang my panties next to his boxers?
(abumi): there's nothing wrong with that
(abumi): because they have been washed
(tazuna): i've said don't wash ours together!
(abumi): they were washed separately
(tazuna): it makes no difference if you hang them side by side!

(abumi): shunpei-kun had helped with your summer homework, don't say that way
(tazuna): that was different!
(tazuna): he is not a family nor a boyfriend!
(abumi): strange child
(abumi): be patience, it won't happen again starting tomorrow
(tazuna): e?
(tazuna): what does it mean?
(abumi): starting tomorrow shunpei-kun will become a full employee
(abumi): he will move to the dormitory tonight
(tazuna): ah, i see...
(sound effect): click
(abumi): i'm planning to make the dinner a bit more extravagant
(abumi): please help to make the dessert
(tazuna): hm....
(hizume): idiot

(hizume) tazuna-chan is too self-concious
(tazuna): primary schooler shouldn't say crude things <-- emphasis on crude
          (bla3x) therefore we can conclude hizume is the one said "idiot" above
(tazuna): scoot over, i'm making dessert!
(hizume) what? what will tazune-chan make?
(tazuna): that failure is moving to dormitory <-- should be obvious, 
          (bla3x) she refers shunpei as "failure"
(tazuna): big-sis asked me to make dessert
(hizume): a!
(hizume): i like chiffon cake!
(tazuna): hizume you,
(tazuna): are now eating that, and want to eat sweet cake later, you'll get fat. 
          (bla3x) actual word: buta (pig) -- definitely emphasize FAT 
          (bla3x) it is written in katakana, in bigger bold font 
(tazuna): i don't want to know if hagiwara-kun detests you
(hizume): why do you bring out hagiwara's name here!
(manager): ooi, has abumi come back?

(tazuna): she is folding the laundry now
(manager): i see, so shopping for shunpei-kun has been done
(manager): o? today tazuna is making something?
(tazuna): i don't have the confidence because i haven't make one in a long while 
          (bla3x) definitely need to shorten this
(manager): i'll be expecting that
(shunpei): clear sky
(shunpei): autumn fattens horses
(sound effect): crunch
(sound effect): crunch munch crunch munch
(shunpei): you eat well
(sound effect): crunch munch

(sound effect): sound of tail raising / leave it untranslated
(sound effect): sound of dumping the crap / leave it untranslated 
(shunpei): but shits a lot
(ume): ooi shunpei-kun, bring in the horses immediately
(shunpei): yees!
(ume): tonight will be the last time you sleep under the same roof with 4 sisters
(ume): speak honestly, do you regret that?
(shunpei): yeah 
(shunpei): once i enter the dormitory it will be all males
(ume): that's rude, there is mit-chan
(sound effect): snicker (kukekeke)
(mit-chan): what about me!?

(ume): enjoy lots of fun!
(sound effect): slap!
(sound effect): snicker (kikikikiki)
(shunpei): suddenly i become anxious...

(manager): you can use the bed vacated by katakura-kun, there should be no problem
(manager): well, even if we call it moving, it's only neighbouring building
(abumi): yees, after-meal dessert
(hibiki): if you are curious about his reaction, just go there and see
(shunpei): let's eat (lit: itadakimasu)
(sound effect): munch
(shunpei): tasty!
(abumi): oh, great! (lit: yokatta = you may want to change to another)
(shunpei): trully abumi-san can make anything skilfully!
(abumi): oh dear, this shunpei-kun
(abumi): it was made by abumi
(shunpei): very delicious!! (lit: most delicous)

(shunpei): hee
(shunpei): i see, tazuna can make such (cake)
(shunpei): she will surely be a lovely wife (lit: kawaii)
(manager): of course shunpei-kun
(tazuna): wha... what did he say?
(hibiki): he already said that, why don't you become his wife?
(hibiki): then there'll be no problem washing your panties together with his
(tazuna): why did you suddenly talk about that?
(mother): calm down, tazuna
(mother): what shunpei-kun said doesn't mean he had that kind of intention
(mother): if he had even a little intention,
(mother): he wouldn't phrase it that way
(tazuna): tha...
(tazuna): that is true
(hizume): laughter (lit: kera)

(tazuna): don't laugh
(sound effect): wack
(hizume): aaaa!
(hizume): tazuna-chan is naughty!! (lit: pig; not sure what's the proper connotation)
(hibiki): well now
(hibiki): i'm gaoing to feed the horses
(shunpei): a, then,
(shunpei): me too,
(manager): hei hei shunpei kun!
(manager): tonight you don't need to help (lit: it would be good enough tonight)
(manager): this
(sound effect): sun set (completely dark)
(hizume): hey horse tail,
(hizume): how to get past kelso gate? (exit; not enter)
(shunpei): you have kincsem key, use it
          (bla3x) too specific -- king is fine
(hizume): i sold that key at item shop
(shunpei): eee!?
(shunpei): stupid, which item shop did you sell that?
(hizume): err, which is it?
(manager): shunpei-kuuun
(manager): it's shunpei-kun's turn
(abumi): i put your laundry over here
(shunpei): a, pardon me (lit: sumimasen)
(abumi): hizume-chan!
(abumi): don't play game like that, go to sleep!

(manager): dang! (lit: えいくそ; use google translate for えい then くそ)
(manager): one more time shunpei-kun!
(sound effect): nod nod
(manager): wahaha, victory!!
(shunpei): i lost
(manager): let's end this for now
(manager): we have early start tomorrow
(sound effect): click

(?): wake uup shunpei-kuun
(shunpei): hmm...
(abumi): the work has began
(abumi): come one, wake up
(shunpei): yesh yesh <-- he says hahi hahi, rather than hai hai
(shunpei): i'm waking up now, immediately wake...
(ken): got your eyes open?

(ken): ha ha ha
(ken): look, it's a splendid morning!
(shunpei): oh,
(shunpei): right...
(shunpei): i have moved to the dormitory
(ume): moooorning
(ume): did you sleep well after changing pillow?
(shunpei): whether i was sleeping or i do not
(shunpei): yawn
(shunpei): i maybe scolded by manager if i'm like this from day one...

(shunpei): a, morning hibiki-san
(hibiki): a, morn...
(hibiki): what, why do you look like that!?
(shunpei): i played shogi against manager until late
(hibiki): you played against father until he won!? stupid
(shunpei): manager is tough <-- use katakana タフ (tafu)
(shunpei): wake up this early everyday...
(ume): aaaa
(ume): this morning assembly (pep talk)...
(ume): is skipped because manager haven't awaken yet
(ume): this is all
(hibiki): sorry
(shunpei): finished <-- i'm not sure about this one. (きったね = kittane = was cut)
(xx): let's work work